Blackstone quantitative services managed trading platform was established in 2018, By the Swiss extremely prestigious private banking and asset management company invested and set up the pictet group, This represents the pictet group fund business formal chain into blocks. In 2018, Pictet funds business formally entered block chain field - blackstone quantitative service hosting trading platform, English Black Stone, referred to as "(BKT).
BKT contains quantitative robots, Haasbot algorithm software, Aicoinarb arbitrage move brick software and other technical advantages, will be among the global digital quantitative trading, clueless! Blackstone and digital assets quantitative investment service platform will also be committed to the development of the industry, for the majority of investors to provide financial hedging custody services; For entrepreneurs to provide the technical support team; Provide perfect dealmaking service such as peers.


The ecological basis

Blackstone ATD is quantitative service escrow transaction platform through the integral. ATD would be important to the BKT block chain in the global ecological infrastructure.

Build a global

The user agreement

ATD early based on Ethernet fang ERC20 agreement to issue, the future will be transferred to the research of public chain network.

Supply and demand

The user rights

ATD holders enjoy the corresponding rights and interests of the whole ecological BKT platform, and get the ecological sub card rewards, and enjoy the sustained BKT fund repurchase destroyed the scarcity of ascension.

Strategic cooperation

The solution

BKT foundation and BKT quantitative platform will establish strategic cooperation, build the ATD into an important part of ecological quantitative BKT platform.

Distribution of tokens
Release planning
10% of the market circulation.
15% development team, operations team, technical team (release in 5 years)
15% foundation (lock up 2 years, 20 years release)
20% of quantitative team (lock up five years, 6% a year to release)
10% of the early investors (lock up 3 years, 5% a year to release)
20% Ecological community rewards
Project planning
Team background
Chief operating officer, was born in the United States, graduated from the university of Tokyo in Japan economic management major, Asia Pacific, a former senior executive, is also the Nomura Holdings distinguished consultant, assisting management and financial business in China.
Jay les gray Cyrus
Served as blockPRasia, BlockOrigin capital, AsiaTokenFund, chief commercial officer and brand ambassador, focus on areas of marketing and public relations; involved in dozens of large-scale international exchange programs, such as HSBC, amber group, sandberg global lean consultant, fire currency group and other well-known brand in Vietnam brand promotion activities;
Scott Mr. Bean
General counsel (USA)
Senior manager of information technology, the large software information push manager of the company. In project management and project management, consulting and level hold exobiology tube surface has more than 20 years of experience. Block chain, develop Coinveer digital currency exchange platform.
Ottoman budd
Technical director (UK)
Israeli technical experts, 18 years experience in senior management, has deep experience in the software module development and management, and in the chain of blocks, technology leadership, ICO adviser has special technical talents and business ability and excellent leadership skills and qualities
Keane rhett
Technical officer (Israel)
Served as RSK laboratory ambassador to Australia; Fintech Australia technical review consultant; BlockChainX - CEO; In more than 20 years of technical advisory work, many advance super millions of us dollars of complex project of international cooperation; Possess a bachelor's degree in computer engineering and master of finance; Is a believe that liberal block chain technology, and has millions of fans
Vivek sen (UK)
Technology consultant
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